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Social media monitoring for law enforcement

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signal video

Signal empowers law enforcement agencies to integrate social media information into established practices. CCL provides exclusive access to Signal to UK law enforcement.

Millions of Tweets, posts and images are posted every day on social media. There are opportunities and challenges for law enforcement; who need to monitor activity to know what is going on, but who can struggle with the volumes  of data and the variety of social networks being used.

Signal processes public social media data from a broad range of sources into one easy-to-use platform. It provides unparalleled insights into events as they unfold, allowing users to detect issues and react accordingly.

News Flash – August 2014 – Ferguson, Missouri: Check out how Signal was able to gather critical information on events as they unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri through the effective monitoring of social channels. Click here to view.

  • Benefits:
  • Prevent, detect and resolve potential crime faster – speed up your investigations, saving time, money and resources
  • Monitor activity from multiple social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube through a single application in real time
  • Collate and share searches and results across your organisation
  • Spot trends and patterns from aggregated social media data
  • Easy adoption and use through an easy-to-use interface for investigators and analysts
  • Achieve greater insight by searching for keywords, phrases, topics, people, events and geographic locations
  • Gain location based intelligence by using standard mapping tools
  • Capture ALL information both geo-located and non geo-located to get the full picture

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Monitor people, networks and themes of interest from multiple social networks.








Example scenarios where Signal can provide vital insights:

Events-ASB-Fraud-Raids-SeriousincSignal is only available from CCL in the UK. We can provide it as a solution or a service, depending on your requirements. For more information on Signal, or to request a demo, please call CCL on 01789 261200 or email us at .

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