Mobile Phone Analysis

Mobile phones used in businesses do much much more than just make calls – and this can pose a risk. They contain emails, contacts, databases, spreadsheets – any number of which could be sensitive, confidential or contain evidence of bullying, harassment, collusion, misuse of company property or evidence of data theft.

They can also be used as a method of exporting large amounts of data from a company, without the IT department necessarily noticing. But, all activity has the potential to leave a digital trail on the phone – which can be recovered and interrogated by mobile phone analysis.

If your client has concerns over any such behaviour within their organisation, it is vital that the process is handled properly at the outset to prevent any future legal challenge. CCL has many years experience in mobile phone analysis – extracting and interpreting data/evidence from a range of mobile phones.

Mobile Phone Analysis – “Traditional” Phones

  • The data which can be extracted from ‘standard’ mobile phones includes:
  • Call logs
  • Text messages
  • Multimedia messages
  • Phonebooks
  • Files
  • Pictures/video
  • SIM card analysis
  • Deleted information (dependent on type, condition and recent usage)

Advice and Direction

CCL’s mobile phone analysis team is always on hand to discuss any situations which your clients may raise.

If there is any suspicion that data from a mobile phone, or evidence of how it has been used, could prove instrumental in a case involving your client, please call 01789 261200 for a no-obligation discussion about the best course of action.

Mobile Phone Analysis – Smartphones

Smartphones can store a large amount more data, and can be used in a variety of innovative ways. This maximises their chances, for example, of being used in theft of confidential data or intellectual property. If your client suspects such activities, then they should consider the possibility that a smartphone was involved. Data extracted can include:

  • Emails
  • Internet history
  • WiFi history
  • File copying
  • GPS data
  • Data from “apps”
  • Social networking history
  • Instant messaging
  • VOIP history
  • Other traces of how the phone was used

Expert Witness/Court Appearance

Our mobile phone analysts are regularly called upon to give evidence.

All CCL’s staff undergo courtroom training, both provided internally by our experienced team of expert witnesses, and externally by Bond Solon and other training providers.

Mobile phones are small computers and it is entirely feasible that they can contain data which could prove an activity has taken place, or store large amounts of documentation which could be required as part of a litigation case.

Please call 01789 261200 or email for more information on our mobile phone analysis services or for an informal, no-obligation discussion about this increasing element of civil law cases.

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